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Tác giả Howard J. Sherman, E.K. Hunt, Reynold F. Nesiba, Phillip A. O‘Hara, and Barbara Wiens-Tuers
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NXB 761
Ngôn ngữ English
Năm xuất bản 2015

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Economics should be an exciting subject for anyone who cares at all about the world we live in. What are the opportunities for getting a job and getting paid decently? Are the opportunities available today likely to erode over time, if businesses look to scour the globe for the cheapest possible pools of available workers? If we put our money in a bank, pension fund or the stock market, will it be safe, or vulnerable to the speculative excesses of Wall Street? Why do more than a billion people wake up each morning to lives of severe poverty while a tiny elite live in splendor? Why is our very existence as a species on earth threatened by our abuse of the environment? These are some of the basic questions on which economics is capable of shedding a clear, powerful light