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Tác giả Paul Ciana, CMT
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NXB 345
Ngôn ngữ English
Năm xuất bản 2011

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This book has been assembled in response to the growing demand to diversify an investment strategy through the numerous styles of contemporary market analysis and the ongoing search for increasing alpha. Although the most frequently used style of analysis is fundamental, the adoption of technical analysis as an adjunct or preferred style of analysis is becoming increasingly sought after and accepted.

This evolution has become visible in many ways. One observation discussed in Chapter 1 is the tracking and measurement of the use and growth of charts and technical indicators in different regions of the world. Another observation is the growth rate of the number of market participants specializing in technical analysis. In 2010, the Market Technician’s Association announced there were more than 1,000 active Chartered Market Technicians (CMTs) residing in 76 countries, representing a 100 percent increase in only four years. Yet another measure is the growing interest in and reliance on the development and implementation of innovative technical tools and strategies that capitalize on existing methods, such as those presented by the contributors to this book.