Pitch the Perfect Investment

Nhà cung cấp John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Tác giả Paul D. Sonkin and Paul Johnson
document.converter John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Người dịch John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
NXB 480
Ngôn ngữ English
Năm xuất bản 2017

Giới thiệu về sách

The quote by Picasso captures how we feel about this book, as our thoughts changed considerably over the three years it took us to write it. In the many conversations we had with our patient acquisition editor, Bill Falloon, once again explaining why the book was going to miss yet another deadline, we reassured him, “You are going to get a much different, but better book than you initially signed up for.”

Now that the book is fnally fnished, we are excited to see what happens as our creation is “released into the wild.” Like Picasso’s picture, our book will take on a life of its own as the concepts we present are assessed and scrutinized, adopted by some and refuted by others. We know that certain of our ideas will undergo changes as our readers either build upon or discard and replace themthrough the process of creative destruction.2 We welcome both. It is our desire to educate and stretch people’s minds in the elds of security analysis and fundamental investing. We hope that, like Picasso’s pictures, the book lives a long life through those who are looking at it.