The Forex Options Course

Nhà cung cấp John Wiley & Sons, Inc
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Người dịch John Wiley & Sons, Inc
NXB 236
Ngôn ngữ English
Năm xuất bản 2009

Giới thiệu về sách

This book is designed to help forex traders build upon their knowledge and skills in trading forex and apply it to forex option strategies. There are important differences between spot forex and options trading.

In contrast to the spot forex trader, the options trader puts on trades “anticipating” a move over a longer duration of time. Whereas the spot forex trader concentrates on trades to achieve profits intraday and even intrahour, the option trader is liberated from the slavery of the screen and can set and let fundamental and market forces generate the intended profits. Position trading strategies become an important part of the repertoire of the forex option trader